Jobs at Amplify Plugins

Amplify Plugins is always on the lookout for talented individuals to grow with our company.

Currently, we are offering part time contract based employment with the potential to grow into a more permanent position.

We have a current need for talented individuals in the following roles:

  • Developers who are familiar with WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Content marketing and social media experts to help promote our individual brands.
  • Customer support¬†agents to provide assistance to current and potential customers.

What is it Like to Work At Amplify Plugins?

  • Work Remotely

    We aren't tied to any particular geographic area. We have people working in the United States from sea to shining sea, and we are happy to invite the best people from around the world join our team.

  • Learn Together

    Nobody has all the answers, and we get that. You will be joining lifelong learners who enjoy new challenges. We will take the time to help everyone learn and grow together. There is no judgement for not having "all the answers".

  • Company Culture

    At Amplify Plugins we value clear communication, and even more clear boundaries between personal and professional time. We're all human and need time to unwind with friends and family.

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    • Include any work experience, personal interests, and other information that you feel is relevant. Feel free to include links to special projects you have worked on, your website, your GitHub profile, your profile, and any other information that pertains to your work history.
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