What WooCommerce Restrict Purchases By Country Does

Much like the name implies, it allows you to restrict products from being purchased in certain countries.

  • Avoid having to refund purchases when your products are on a restricted list from certain countries.
  • Customers know right away which products they can't purchase on the shop and product pages.
  • Uses geolocation and a customer's shipping address to ensure restricted products are not shipped to the wrong countries.
  • Perfect for stores that sell tobacco, alcohol, or other products that may be restricted for sale in other countries.

Selling Online Opens Your Shop To A
Global Marketplace

You probably sell a variety of products on your WooCommerce website. Some of those products like clothing or books can be sold to pretty much anyone, anywhere in the world.

Other products like tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, items with lithium ion batteries, dietary supplements, food, cosmetics, weapons, and certain electronics however are a different story. Customers may not be aware that they are purchasing a product that can't be imported into their country, or exported from your country.

The default WooCommerce shipping settings let you determine which countries you will ship to store wide. With those default settings, if you sell books and dietary supplements on your store, you would have to restrict all shipments to countries that don't allow dietary supplement imports. But, no one from those countries would be able to buy your books either.

With the WooCommerce Restrict Purchases By Country plugin you can sell unrestricted products anywhere in the world, and only prevent the sale of certain prohibited items to customers in the countries that don't allow your products.

This plugin gives you the choice to prevent customers from purchasing a product in two ways:

  • Block the product: The "add to cart" buttons on the shop and product pages are replaced with text that indicates the product can't be purchased in the customer's country.
  • Redirect the customer: When the view a product page that they can't buy, they are redirected to a page of your choice on your website (or elsewhere). This lets you create one page that explains why the customer can't buy certain products.

The plugin achieves this by using a geolocation feature that is built in to WooCommerce. The plugin will know where the customer is located so they are given the correct message.

Finally, should the customer manage to get the restricted product in their cart somehow, the plugin does one final sanity check before the order is processed. If the shipping address is in a country that a product in the order can't be shipped to, the customer will receive a notice telling them that the product can't be shipped to their country. The customer can then remove that item from their cart and complete the checkout as usual.

Prevent customers from buying products that can't be shipped into their country.

A sanity check is built into the checkout page to check for restricted countries in the shipping address. Prevents VPN workarounds.

Each product can have it's own settings so unrestricted products can be sold to any country.

Perfect for stores that sell tobacco alcohol, lithium ion batteries, dietary supplements, weapons, or cosmetics.

Comply with shipping service policies on not delivering certain products by air transportation.

Lets customers know up front whether or not a product can be shipped to their country.


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Can't I just set my store to not ship to certain countries?

Sure, you could do that. But if your store sells some products that can be shipped to certain countries, you're preventing those customers from buying from your site.

With the WooCommerce Restrict Purchased By Country plugin you can restrict individual products from being shipped to certain countries. This way if you sell dietary supplements that are restricted in a certain country as well as cookbooks that are not restricted, you can sell the cookbooks to customers in that country without making the dietary supplements available for sale.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

Yes, this plugin will work with any theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

How many products can I restrict? How many countries?

You can restrict as few or as many products as you want on your store. Similarly, you can restrict sales of those products to as few or as many countries as is necessary.

What if I can only sell a product in one country?

It would be tedious to have to select all countries, so there is a way for you to be able to select just the country (or countries) that a certain product can be sold in. This will prevent it from being sold to customers in any other country, with less effort than having to select each country that it cannot be sold in.